No, you are unable to do that. Let us explain with the help of an example:

Vitalik has 1 WBTC (Current rate: 11,000 DAI) in his wallet.

- Vitalik creates his 1st limit order “Swap 1 WBTC → DAI @ 11,500”.

- He then creates 2nd limit order “Swap 0.5 WBTC → KNC @ 50,000”.

At the time of second order, KyberSwap will make a check if 0.5 WBTC > ( Available balance - previously submitted orders).

In this case, the check will return 1 WBTC worth of previous order. Vitalik’s second order will not be accepted as: 0.5 WBTC > ( 1 WBTC available balance - 1 WBTC of previous order) will not hold true.