There are five status for a limit order as follows:

- Open: Your order has been created successfully and it is waiting for the rate to hit.

- In Progress: The rate has been hit and Kyber’s system is processing to make a transaction.
Please be noted that when the market fluctuates too fast and the rate is unstable for processing. “In Progress” order might be returned back to “Open”.

- Filled: Your order has been executed successfully, your token has been swapped with the selected (or better) rate.

- Cancelled: A limit order can be cancelled anytime before it is broadcasted (as long as it’s status is “Open”). Simply go to “Manage Your Orders” and click “Cancel”.

- Invalidated: For some reason, the order will never be processed, and its status will be changed to “Invalidated”.

For example: You manually cancelled your order via our Smart Contract, our system will mark that order as “Invalidated”.