Is there any limit on the number of orders I can create?

No, there is no limit on the number of orders one user can create.

How frequently does KyberSwap check for rates?

KyberSwap checks for rates at every block (~15 seconds).

Do I need to pay limit order trading fees in ETH just like gas fees?

No, we have made it simple for you. Trading fees are payable in source token and will be deducted only if your order executes.

For example: User Shane submits 1000 KNC → DAI limit order, He will pay 1 KNC as fees and 999 KNC will be swapped to DAI.

Which wallets can be used to submit limit orders?

You can use Metamask, Ledger, Trezor, Private key, Keystore to submit limit orders.

However, please note the following issue:

When you connect trezor and ledger in metamask (using “import hardware” in metamask); You won’t be able to place a limit order by importing metamask wallet (in this case, you are using trezor and ledger wallet imported in metamask). It works without any issue if you import trezor and ledger directly to submit limit order.

Can I use multiple wallets under one user id?

Yes, You can do that. In order to use limit order, one must be registered with KyberSwap. Various options such as facebook, telegram, twitter, gmail, and email are available for registration.

A registered user can use any number of wallets to create limit orders. However same wallet can not be used under multiple user ids.

PS: Normal Swap functionality can still be used without registration.
What is BUY / SELL model?

On limit order page, user will see “Buy and sell” button instead of swap or limit order button. This is to simplify the overall trading experience. Let’s us explain with the help of an example:

Imagine a user is on ETH-KNC page. He will see BUY KNC and SELL KNC button. Buy KNC means - user will swap ETH to KNC. User will sell ETH and buy KNC.

Is limit order 2.0 beta available on mobile apps?
PlatformLimit order version
iOS & Android AppVersion 1.0 (old)
Mobile WebVersion 2.0 (latest)
DesktopVersion 2.0 (latest)
Token specific markets (ETH*, USDC, TUSD, DAI, WBTC) for limit order

Most of the traders prefer to trade in more liquid markets. It helps to reduce the order fulfillment time. That’s why limit order 2.0 has further simplified the available trading pair. You can choose the base trading token (for example DAI) and will be able to see all available trading pair with DAI.

Advance live chart is now available for limit order 2.0

KyberSwap now offers live advance charts for all trading pairs. Additionally it is equipped with all technical indicators and user can configure and save as setting.

Candlestick, Hollow Candle, Heikin Ashi, Line and Area charts are now available for different configuration from 5 mins to months.