KyberSwap offers the option to purchase ETH via Torus, which has compiled various fiat to crypto on-ramp services such as MoonPay, Wyre, Ramp and Xanpool into a single interface. Users can use their Debit or Credit Cards, or Apple Pay to make the payment. 

Please note: These 3rd party services may require you to provide KYC (Know-Your-Customer) details before you can purchase ETH.

When you purchase ETH with fiat, the purchased ETH goes straight to the wallet address you indicate. The transfer of ETH to your wallet will require a short period of time, depending on your country. If you don’t have an Ethereum wallet yet, please click on this guide to create one (create wallet guide).

Step by step guide:

Step 1: Connect your Ethereum wallet to KyberSwap

Step 2: Click BUY & SELL and you can choose your preferred service. 

Depending on the 3rd-party service provider and your geographical region, you can buy from $250 per day to $58,000 per day (~Euro 50,000). Please note that this limit may change in the future, so users should check with their service provider for the most updated information.

For the latest information on various limits and supported countries, please refer to the following pages:  WyreMoonPayRamp network and Xanpool.

Step 3: Fill in the details to process

Step 4: After a short period ETH will be sent to your wallet

Should you need any assistance, please contact Torus customer service directly here: