This is the most secure way to connect to KyberSwap however you will need to buy a hardware wallet. It might be costly but only the one has the device can access the funds thus you won't have to worry someone can steal your funds online.

Currently, KyberSwap supports the following hard wallets:

Here is how you can connect you Ledger with KyberSwap, with the Trezor the steps are basically the same.


*Note: Make sure you have enabled "Contract Data" and "Display Data" in the Setting

Step 1: Connect your Ledger to the computer and select the Ethereum wallet. On the website, click on the Ledger icon: 

Step 2: Click "Import" on the wallet you want to connect


- If you do not see any wallet with your funds, please select another HD derivation path to find it. 

If your hardware wallet is not connected properly, you will see the below message. Please try connecting your hardware wallet again.

You are now connected to KyberSwap, have fun!