First, you need to connect your wallet to KyberSwap, if you are not sure how to do so, please check our guides here.

Before swapping, make sure that you have some ETH in your wallet to pay for the gas fee. You can buy ETH with a Credit card on KyberSwap if you want to.

After connecting your wallet to KyberSwap you can now swap any supported tokens. At KyberSwap, we make this process as easy as possible.

Choose the token and the amount you want and click the “Swap Now” button. 

A window will popup to show you all the information you need to confirm to make a transaction.

* Note: Every swap transactions on KyberSwap are processed directly on Ethereum blockchain thus, they will cost some ETH for gas. The amount of gas may vary depending on the Ethereum blockchain

If you use third-party wallets, you might need to confirm one more time.

After that, your transaction will be broadcasted to the blockchain. The token you want to receive will be sent to your wallet directly, all in one transaction.

Advanced setting

If you want to customize your transaction more, you can do so by click on the "Advanced" button. You will be able to set up the Gas fee and Acceptable rate:

- Gas fee: The more you pay the faster your transaction. The gas fee is updated according to , you could refer to the transaction time there.

- Acceptable rate: By default, the rate is 3%, which means if the price goes down more than 3% when processing, the transaction will be canceled to protect the user from loss. You could customize this rate freely based on your reference.