At KyberSwap, we have focused primarily on building features and tools to help users execute a trade as conveniently and securely as possible. We understand that this isn’t enough; many users still have to juggle through multiple platforms to manage their portfolio and to stay abreast of market news. We are committed to doing our best to help our users make informed trading decisions and manage their assets, while not compromising a smooth trading experience.

Portfolio Dashboard

This is a very useful tool for KyberSwap traders — your very own portfolio management dashboard! KyberSwap’s dashboard allows you to view a convenient breakdown of your crypto wallet allocation across different ERC20 tokens (including ETH). If you have previously transacted through KyberSwap or any DApp or platform that uses Kyber Network for their liquidity needs, your transaction history (with details) will be shown to help you understand your trading behavior and conduct more in-depth analyses and trading strategies.

All you need to do is connect your wallet to KyberSwap and we will immediately pull all the necessary data for you. With a good overview of your portfolio breakdown, you’d be able to rebalance or trade on KyberSwap as you deem necessary. Check out the new Portfolio Dashboard!


1) For brevity, only your last 1000 transactions will be shown. 

2) Mobile apps already show historical transactions, so this feature is only available on desktop.


An alert is a notification on your mobile/email/telegram whenever the underlying token hits the price you have set.

Alerts can be set for all the tokens available at KyberSwap. For example — You can set a price alert trigger for ETH/USD < 120 or ETH/USD > 133.

Whenever an alert is filled, notifications are sent on KyberSwap web, via email and via telegram. Alerts notifications will also be sent on KyberSwap iPhone app (coming soon). We will soon have trade buttons on these Kyber Alerts for you to instantly execute any trades based on your alert price.

When you log into KyberSwap, you’ll notice the bell alert icon at the top right. You can set basic alerts by selecting primary token and price levels. For mobile app users, Alerts can be created straight via the token page or via Setting → MANAGE ALERTS.

Market Signals

Crypto markets can be very volatile and at times one of your token holdings may change in price substantially within just a few minutes. For example ETH moved up by 14.5% within a few hours on 11th Feb 2020 (4 days ago). KyberSwap previously launched non-custodial limit orders and price alerts to allow you to take advantage of such movements in price. To complement our current tools, we are now introducing ‘Market Signals’ that will be sent to you via push notifications. For example, you may receive a push notification on your mobile that “ETH is up by 14.5% to $250 in the last 1 hour”, and you may then choose to buy or sell ETH quickly on KyberSwap.

If you have previously accepted the option to receive push notifications from KyberSwap, no further action is needed from your side. If you are new to KyberSwap, we will ask your permission to receive notifications. To accept, just press “Yes” or “Allow”. If you have previously denied KyberSwap permission to send notifications, you won’t be receiving these market signals. (You can always change settings to start receiving signals)

This feature will be available on both mobile apps and desktop.