Torus is a simple and non-custodial gateway to the decentralized ecosystem of Web3.0 via OAuth logins. With 1-click social media login options such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitch, Discord, Reddit, and various fiat to crypto on-ramp services (including WyreMoonPayRamp Network, Simplex) in a single interface. In addition, using Torus is fast and efficient and does not require any browser extensions, installations, or downloads.

1. For NEW users

No existing Ethereum or Torus wallet

Go to and click on the ‘Torus’ button.

You will be prompted to choose your preferred social media login method. Currently, 5 options are supported — Gmail, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch and Discord. Choose the one you prefer. Each social media login type is tied to a different Ethereum address (Gmail is different from Facebook, Reddit etc.).

That’s it! It’s really that simple. Your Ethereum wallet is successfully created within seconds and you can use it on KyberSwap or any application that supports Torus.

2. For existing Torus users

You already have a Torus wallet and want to access it again, follow the same steps mentioned above. Please note that if you previously used to create a wallet, you have to use the same login credentials to access the same Torus-Ethereum wallet.

Here is an example of the login flow.

Note: If you wish to export your Torus private key to access your wallet elsewhere, you can easily do so at