Connect to KyberSwap on desktop easily using your mobile wallet! (Yes, KyberSwap’s app is supported)

WalletConnect and WalletLink (Coinbase Wallet) are 2 separate protocols used for the same purpose. They help to connect desktop DApps such as to 3rd party mobile wallets using end to end encryption by scanning a QR code.

Users are expected to have a mobile app that supports WalletLink or WalletConnect. The mobile crypto app needs to have a wallet address created or imported.

On the desktop site, once you click ‘…OTHERS’ and the WalletConnect or CoinBase button, you will be prompted with a QR code that you can scan using your mobile phone app. Just scanning the code allows you to access your mobile crypto wallet on desktop.

On the KyberSwap mobile app, you can click WALLET CONNECT to open up the QR code scanner.

The mobile app doesn’t share your private key data with the DApp. Instead you are signing the transaction on the mobile app itself. Data is encrypted using the session data shared by the QR code between the desktop and mobile.

Enjoy trading on by using your mobile wallet!